Roof Inspections Calgary

Investing in a new roof is a major financial commitment. So it makes sense to have the work checked – especially if you can do it before paying the final bill! Despite their best intentions, your roofing contractor may have left loose ends or made a mistake that would be costly to rectify. 

Imagine the consequences of someone, in the future, stepping on this unsupported section of shingles! Using high-level HD roof inspection cameras, I can perform a detailed visual inspection of the shingles, any fastenings, flashings, gutters and downspouts. Then I’ll check the roof system from the attic hatchway just to be sure things like the bathroom vent ducting has been re-attached, for instance, or the contractor hasn’t put his foot through the roof deck! 

Any issues that I might find will be presented in a report with relevant photographs should you need to discuss these with your contractor. 


If your roof has undergone a major makeover recently, order an inspection to strike out any possibility of defects and have the peace of mind you deserve. Otherwise, you won’t know you’ve got a problem until it’s too late.