From buying a car to investing in the stock market, everyone makes a lot of financial decisions in their life. But there’s one purchase decision that is the most significant, i.e., buying a home. It’s exciting yet stressful and overwhelming at the same time.

It becomes all the more challenging if you aren’t sure of the home’s condition. Coupled with expensive repairs in the near future, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. But what’s the solution?

A qualified home inspection is the answer to your home hunting worries. It not just helps home buyers to make an informed buying decision, but home sellers to have the upper hand in the negotiation process.

That’s what I specialize in. I am a qualified, trained, and professional home inspector in Calgary, AB. With years of experience on my watch, I offer unparalleled services at an unbeatable price.

I work as hard to find defects for you as I would for my own real estate purchase, and with many years of flipping houses behind me. I am more than happy to review your own renovation plans with you – all part of the service.

You can utilize my expertise for the following.