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Best Thermal Imaging Inspection in Calgary

Thermal imaging is a technological wonder that enables home inspectors to detect hidden damp issues that may not appear on the surface. If there’s a slight suspicion around moisture intrusion, a gap in the insulation, air leak, pest infestation or electrical overheating problems, the thermal imaging camera can easily detect the temperature difference across the surface to confirm and locate the problem.

However, it’s not enough to just have a thermal camera; one needs to have the experience and understanding of what the images are telling you and how the building has been constructed behind the scenes. This is where my construction background comes into play. It helps me interpret what the thermal images are showing and explain them to you in simple English.

Thermal imaging is the most effective way to identify hidden issues in a ceiling, wall and basement. It can also reveal current and latent issues in the ductwork and HVAC systems. 

The relevant digital images that I capture during the inspection will be included in the report to give you a better understanding of any underlying issue or just confirm that something is working properly.

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