• All my experience to look for problems & maintenance issues
  • A full understanding of what you are buying
  • Someone who takes the time you need
  • Simple advice and explanations
  • Suggestions for improvements you might consider for modernisation
  • Budgeting advice
  • Detailed report emailed the next day – sooner if urgent
  • Competitive fee scale based on property size

So, please call, text or email me and we can arrange a time that is convenient for you. I’ll confirm my fee, then send you my contract in advance.

Inspection Matter
Inspection Matter
Inspection Matter

Here is a simple summary of what I inspect. Just talk to me if the home you’re buying has something you don’t see here that concerns you.

If you’re buying a condo I would normally just inspect the internal area and systems of the unit itself – and the balcony/patio, if it has one, as the external areas and the main plumbing/heating systems are usually the responsibility of the of the Condo Association.

If you’re buying an acreage I can easily add on the inspection of any septic tank and well water systems, plus any additional buildings that may be on the property.

Just call, text or email. I’m here to help.

A visual, non-invasive inspection of all areas of your home
Inspection Matter

I use a thermal camera to check for anomalies – possible areas of moisture, missing insulation, abnormal hot spots in the electrical panel, etc, etc

The dark blue circle by the light in the top image was invisible to the eye in the normal view of the ceiling.

On further inspection this was an area of moisture from a leaking toilet above.

Thermal imagery used at every inspection
Inspection Matter

Even in the depths of winter I can get the best view possible of the areas of the roof that tend to be a problem thanks to my hi-level HD video & stills roof inspection cameras that link to a handheld monitor.

After the inspection I can look in fine detail at the HD video of the roof to look for problems and include appropriate images in your report

The best view of your roof