Pre-sale Inspections Calgary

Get your property inspected before putting it on the market. Fix the defects before your prospects find out. Benefit? A defect-free property sells fast and for the best price.

Today’s home buyers are more informed than ever. A majority of them prefer ordering a home inspection after signing the purchase agreement. 

And what if this identifies potentially costly defects or gives the impression of a poorly maintained property? Do you lose the sale? Do the buyers revise their offer asking to reduce the price by much more than it would have cost you to get the issues fixed?

Fix it before they get to it. A pre-sale inspection will help you identify all types of major and minor defects in your property so you can have them fixed before you open the doors for your prospects.

And if your property gets a clean bill of health, you can show the inspection report to the concerned buyers to reduce anxiety around the buying process.

It takes around 3 hours to inspect an average home. We also provide bespoke inspections in case you want only certain areas to be assessed.